How much will this cost?

Our retainer estimates are based on the total number of QDROs or other court Orders needed to divide your and/or your former spouse's retirement plans. We may also include an additional retainer for tracing calculations or the completion of additional court documents, like Joinders, that may be required to complete the objective.

All retainer estimates are based on the information that you, your counsel, or opposing counsel has provided to us. They are not flat fees - if the fees run over retainer, the parties are billed on a monthly basis for the additional fees incurred. A significant number of our cases finish under retainer, in which case we issue a check to the parties refunding the remaining retainer balance. 

Please be aware that you will end up paying whatever amount it actually costs for our office to complete your case, so the initial retainer does not determine your total cost and is not a promise, but an estimate. 

Retainer quotes include all court fees. Clients are not charged for copying, long distance telephone, or postage costs. They also include storage of your file for seven years or earliest retirement age of the participant, to ensure that we can be there to assist you in the unlikely event that you have problems when you are retiring. 

The base fee for one QDRO is $1,200. Usually, this fee is split between the parties , which means that each person pays $600. All fees are then split equally between the parties each month.  Please note these rates are subject to change.

We prorate the retainer estimates for clients who require more than one QDRO. 
Joinder preparation is a flat fee of $300/Joinder. 

Our goal is to finish your case at or around retainer. We are proud to offer refunds to a significant portion of our clients. We are willing to accept monthly payments, and we do not charge interest or give late fees.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for the limitations on relying on this information. 

How long will this take?