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The Law Office of Elizabeth Strasen divides retirement benefits pursuant to divorce.  Cases are handled from the initial evaluation of the retirement portfolio and settlement agreement, through confirmation of the successful transfer of assets.

Hiring a QDRO attorney for retirement Order preparation is the best way to manage and minimize the financial risk inherent to dividing pre-tax assets. Under federal law, a QDRO can't be processed retroactively to reverse an assessed tax penalty. This makes it extremely important for QDROs to be processed correctly, and to have the support of an attorney to stand behind their work.

Elizabeth Strasen drafts custom QDROs. While they are written within the parameters set by each Plan's provisions, they are based on her extensive experience and understanding of the law in this area. Unlike sample QDROs provide by Plans, her QDROs do not use unnecessary default language. Model QDROs are often written in the Plan's interest instead of the client's. 

As an Attorney, Elizabeth Strasen can work directly with non-represented clients. She is able to take care of key steps for her clients that other QDRO processors, like actuaries or paralegals, can't do. Examples are filing the QDROs with the court and serving them on the Plan Administrators (see our About QDROs section for more information). 

Our Office

8 Keller Street, Petaluma, CA 94952

  • Ph: (707) 774-6555

  • Fax: (707) 232-6139

  • General email: paralegals@strasenqdro.com

Our Services

  • Preparation and processing of QDROs, DROs, COAPs, & other nonqualified Plan Orders

  • Reviews of Orders prepared by others

  • Consultation regarding settlement terms & language

  • Equalization calculations for defined contribution plans

  • Tracing of separate property, limited to less than 5 yrs

  • Expert witness testimony & deposition

  • Administrative QDRO review & execution services for employers

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About Elizabeth Strasen

Elizabeth Strasen has been practicing family law since 1987. Over the years, she has developed working relationships with a large network of family law practitioners, courts in many counties, and retirement plan administrators. 

Elizabeth is the third party plan administrator for Stanford University's retirement plans. She is an original member of the QDRONEs, a national group of QDRO attorneys & practitioners. She gives MCLE presentations throughout the Bay Area, and leads a mentoring group for attorneys  new to the practice of retirement division. If you are interested in third party plan administration or joining a list serve for Ms. Strasen's mentor group, please contact us. 

Elizabeth received her bachelors of science degree in chemistry from the University of California, Davis and her juris doctorate degree from Santa Clara University School of Law.